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DE Blade Safety RazorNew Blade to Launch at Select Retailers January 2010
Los Angeles, CA (January 2010) – Baxter of California, the premium men’s grooming line since 1965, introduces a custom made Double Edge Safety Razor (aka DE Blade), made in Germany. Presented with serious wet shavers in mind, the safety razor was first introduced in the late 18th
century as an alternative (and “safer”) to a cut throat blade. “DE” blades are commonly known as the blade your father or grandfather used to use – today, classic style wet shaving is making a resurgence, along with the durable goods category.

Many advocates of the blade insist that they get a closer, more comfortable shave, with less irritation and shaving bumps. Shaving bumps occur with the whisker is cut too close, causing the hair to grow back in an angle, underneath the skin causing a “bump”. Users also speak to the
blades cost effectiveness in comparison to pricey cartridge blades

“If you are not used to shaving with a safety razor, you will have a slight learning curve”. Says J.P
Mastey, president to Baxter of California. “The main difference you will see is the fixed shaving head … as most modern blades have a pivoting head allowing you to make “turns” – your DE blade will not pivot, so use short straight strokes or you will get shaving nicks.” Baxter includes a small
instructional card along with the razor.

The blade is packaged in matte black gift box, accompanied with a pack of starter blades.

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