Tom Robinn - Tinted Foundation

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Tom Robinn - Tinted Foundation
[ Healthy look ]

This liquid tint is a hydrating base with vitamins immediately gives a healthy natural look.

How to Use :
Spread the fluid uniformly on the face by spreading it from the inside to the outside.

The benefit of our ingredients to you are:
CALENDULA EXTRACT (Extrait de Souci): attenuates skin inflammations and favours healing.
- CENTELLA ASIATICA : is a plant coming from Madagascar Island, composed with molecules similar to steroid hormones, skin becomes firmer and smoother.
VITAMIN A : regular epidermis cells growth and activity, increases skin general aspect.
VITAMIN E : strong anti-oxidant agent which protects cells against free-radicals..
SWEET ALMOND OIL : lipids regulate water flow through epidermis and help skin to find back its hydric balance.
MOISTURIZING AGENT : decreases epidermis water loss by evaporation.
- SUN PROTECTION : for a best protection of skin against sun radiations damages, sun filter have been incorporated in this formulation.

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