New to our store: Anthony Logisctics For Men

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JustePourLui is proud to announce that we are now selling Anthony Logistics For Men.

Anthony Logistics For Men offers personal care products specially formulated for men plus razors and kits. The line was developed after extensive market research and was conceived as a full line of men’s personal care products. Quick and easy to use, an essential for most men, the products offer face, shave, hair and body solutions.

As men continue to look for ways to fight the signs of aging, grooming products are becoming increasingly essential. Anthony Logistics For Men has taken into consideration the special needs of men’s skin and has scientifically developed products using nature based and multi functional ingredients. This highly functional grooming line addresses a variety of personal care issues facing men today. Nourishing and protecting the skin in a safe, simple and efficient manner has become relevant to the active lifestyles men are living today.

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  • a couple thohguts - try lathering up nicely and shaving before your shower; that way the shower can help soothe any minor razor irritation. alternatively shave in the shower get wet, lather , shave then complete your body cleaning and rinsing.- on in between days, shower and all but skip the facial moisturizer.- also why not shave daily, sounds like your hair growth rate is about to that point.- of course if you really hate shaving, you could just grow a beard; then again, if your hair growth is no full enough that could look pretty bad. Of it might get yoru parents on your case a lot.

    Moises on

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