Nickel skincare for men

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NICKEL was created by a man – Philippe DUMONT – in 1996 on a very simple idea: beauty can also be a man’s word! And at that time, everything was to reinvent! First men needed a “grooming” space of their own: this is why NICKEL opened the very first spa for “men only” in Paris in 1996, offering not only massage but also real beauty treatments such as facials, waxing, manicure and pedicure. At the same time, NICKEL developed a full range of products straight to the point such as the famous morning-after rescue gel which immediately became the must-have to all models, celebrities and night-clubbers.

The success of NICKEL as a professional skin care line has been fast and furious: in a few years, NICKEL has become one of the key actor in the men cosmetic industry; in 1999, its second spa opened into a department store (Le Printemps), in 2001 NICKEL opened the first spa for men only in the US in New York, in 2003 the wave reached San Francisco, London was next and so many more to come.

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