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 The lifestyle profile of Northern California was the driving force behind the development of the California North Skincare Products for men and women. A multi-faceted schedule that often crams work, fitness, family, and recreation into a single day. A need for an image that reflects equal portions of good heath and self-confidence without looking vain. Wearing a face that suggests endurance, performance, and experience.

California North Skincare Products are a logical thought process and system developed without animal testing of ingredients or finished products. We have been educated about the drying and negative effects of soap, alcohol, and the sun, which accelerates damage to the skin.  Our products have dual and triple function - counteract and defend, then enhance.  These products are the best of science and nature, incorporating ancient herbs with plant-based active ingredients in advanced, laboratory formulas.  All of our skincare is made for facial skin, but expanded to use on full body to provide an easy overall approach to the very best products.  No zones or steps, just quality, easy to understand, and to use.

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