eShave Fine-Badger Hair-Clear

  • 3000
  • Save $4000

eShave Shaving Brushes 

The must-have accessory for the perfect shave. Using the eShave Shaving Brush is the fastest and easiest way to prepare for shaving. The shaving brush ensures a close shave and prevents irritation. 

The eShave Shaving Brush is made of 100% badger hair to exfoliate, generate a rich lather, soften and raise the hair for a close and comfortable shave. Badger hair is the only type of hair that retains water and keeping hot water on the skin is the secret to a close shave. 

How to Use: 

  • Run your eShave Shaving brush under warm water 
  • Dip lightly into eShave Shaving Cream 
  • Lather up directly onto your skin in an upward motion. 
  • If you need more lather, just run your brush under warm water and lather it up again, you don't need more cream. 
  • After use, rinse with warm water, shake excess water, then hang brush hair down to dry in an open space.

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