eShave Nickel Plate-5 blades-New Razor-Clear

  • 3500
  • Save $5500

eShave just got closer with our 5 Blades Luxury Shaving Razors. 

These elegantly designed shavers are sculptured works of art that deliver the closest, most perfect shave of your life. 

The 5 Blades Luxury Shaving Razors fit comfortably in the hand and are easy to use. Unlike any shavers you have used before, eShave's 5 Blades Luxury Razors will take your shave to the smoothest level yet. Combining eShave's unparalleled craft and Gillette®'s newest 5 Blade Shaving Surface™ technology, the Gillette® of Fusion™; 

Our 5 Blades Luxury Shaving Razor brings art and innovation into a single product. 

Each razor features eShave's signature design
- a sleek, contemporary handle, ergonomic and modern in design
- and is made of hand-turned Lucite.

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