Men-u Black barbiere shaving brush

Men-u Black barbiere shaving brush

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Italian made pure boar bristle shaving brush and stand with FREE mini shave cream and FREE basic shaving brush stand. Generates a rich creamy lather, lifts the beard away from the face, making a smooth close shave easier. 

A Shaving Brush is One of the Best Tools for a Smooth Close Shave
A shaving brush does a couple of things. First, it lifts the hair up and away from the skin so that a closer cut is possible. Second, it creates a rich creamy lather with the shaving cream, allowing the razor to glide effortlessly over the skin. And, finally, it helps remove dead skin cells (exfoliation) which reduces the chance of blemishes and razor bumps - helping the skin look and feel smooth and healthy. Always look for a shaving brush with bristles that have the right balance between softness (to create a rich creamy lather that stays close to the skin) and resistance to raise the beard (making a closer cut easier!) Italy is a great source for the finest shaving brushes, where they supply the traditional barbiere (barber).  

How to Use
When you are ready to shave, immerse bristles in clean, warm water and shake off excess. Apply shaving cream to wet brush and distribute the shave cream over the moistened area to be shaved before working up to a creamy lather in a circular motion. (You may need to use a little more shave crème with a new shaving brush.) Always rinse the brush in clean water after use and do not boil or soak. For a really close shave use with men-u shave crème. Also important is a stand for the brush as the bristles should always dry down and not up to the handle. The latter is less hygienic and can lead to the bristles falling out. Always dry your brush by hanging on the stand provided. Before using the brush for the first time wash with soap and water and then rinse in clean water.

Post Shave Skin Care Key for Optimal Skin Health To do the best for your skin, use men-u healthy facial wash after shaving to soothe, calm and protect your skin. Rinse, pat dry with a clean towel. Then apply men-u facial moisturiser lift to complete the facial experience.

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