men-u smooth leave-in conditioner (SLIC)

men-u Smooth Leave-in Conditioner (SLIC)

  • 1599

  • Suitable for all hair types and frequent use.
  • up to 100 applications - ulta-concentrated
  • Use after shampooing for smooth hair. Use a little more (on wet or dry hair) and it becomes a styling product to give you control of your hair.
  • Compact size and locking top ideal for travel, the locker room or limited bathroom space. 
  • TSA approved for carry on luggage as are all men-u products.
  • Cruelty Free, Vegan. Like all men-u products, contains no animal ingredients and never tested on animals.

When you use this unique conditioner you will be surprised how silk-like your hair becomes. This conditioner is ultra efficient as you simply shampoo, towel dry the hair, condition and go.

How to Use:
Pump 1 to 2 shots of conditioner (dependent on conditioning requirements - the longer and drier the hair use more) into the palm of your hand & spread between both hands, then apply to towel dry / damp hair. Do not rinse. Use more if required.
For a light shine on dry hair, try using up to one shot of men-u smooth leave in conditioner.
You can also use as a styling product to control here - for a more styled look, simply use more product. (If you have very fine hair use conditioner sparingly).

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